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V3 for VDI - Bedrock Distribution

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Ahnlab V3 for VDI

V3 for VDI

V3 for VDI is an anti-malware, anti-virus cybersecurity solution for virtual desktops.V3 for VDI provides an integrated cybersecurity solution containing a range of solutions including real-time malware response which consists of behavioral scans, external drive scans, and preventing auto-run on USB. It also provides network protection by blocking malicious IP addresses.

V3 for VDI provides robust protection against new malware and minimizes the impact on system resources, making a safer and more stable business environment.V3 for VDI Agent has an exclusive TS Engine optimized for the VDI environment and provides centralized management through AhnLab EPP Management.

Malware Response

  • Provides real-time scan, pre-scan, in-depth scan (manual), scheduled scan
  • Provides behavioral scan – Includes cloud behavioral scans
  • Supports Integrity Check
  • Supports DNA Scan
  • Provides scan target setting – PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs)
  • Provides scan exceptions setting- Folder, file, extension, malware name
  • Scan compressed files
  • Auto-Scan USB flash drive
  • Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM)
  • Prevents AutoRun on CD or USB flash drive
  • Checks network drive
  • Supports Instance Mode

Network Protection

  • Provides signature-based network protection – Blocks malicious IP
  • Provides behavioral-based network protection – Unknown Protocol Driver defense, excessive traffic defense, IP/MAC/ARP spoofing defense
  • Registers trusted IP or suspicious IP
  • Temporarily blocks the attacker’s IP
  • Supports PC firewall – Complete network protection, set standards for authorized programs, firewall policy list, hide port
  • Block malicious sites site, PUS (Potentially Unwanted Software)

Integration with Other Security Solutions

  • Collects endpoint behavioral information and provides enhanced threat visibility through integration with AhnLab EDR

Centralized Management

  • Unified management through AhnLab EPP Management

V3 for VDI Agentless Key Features

V3 for VDI Agentless provides optimized security with the API provided from VMware NSX.

  • Provides real-time scan, pre-scan, manual (in-depth) scan, scheduled scan
  • Provides scan target setting – PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs)
  • Provides scan exceptions setting – Folder, file, extension, name of malware
  • Supports proxy server
  • Support Integrity check and DNA Scan
  • Scan compressed files

Minimal impact on system resources with an engine optimized for VDI environment

  •  Provides exclusive anti-malware engine optimized for VDI environment
  •  Prevents AV-Storms by scanning malware and updating the engine only in the SVA (Security Virtual Appliance)
  •  Uses ASD Engine in each VM


Reduces attack surface through seamless malware response

  • Provides advanced malware detection based on billions of DB samples and signatures
  •  Supports protection from known and unknown malware
  • Enables behavioral analysis based on a multi-dimensional analysis platform (*Limited to V3 for VDI Agent)
  • Enhances threat visibility via integration with AhnLab EDR (*Limited to V3 for VDI Agent)


Provides centralized management and client UI optimized for VDI environments

  • Provides status information setting on main features only for the client UI
  • Allows efficient policy setting and operation through AhnLab EPP-based central management


Secures business continuity through various VDI environment support

  •  Supports Agent or Agentless methods depending on the client’s VDI environment
  • Ensures continuous system operation during the transition from a traditional IT environment to a VDI environment

V3 for VDI supports both Agent and Agentless methods depending on the client’s VDI operation environment.

V3 For VDI against cyberattacks

AhnLab V3 for VDI enhances business efficiency for various VDI environments by reducing the attack surface.Security threats, such as malware and ransomware, are growing in numbers and VDI environments are becoming more vulnerable than ever. There are limitations in adopting and operating traditional security solutions due to their impact on VDI performance. Thus, companies need an optimized anti-malware security solution with minimal impact on VDI performance.

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