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Strong protection against cyber risks and production downtime

Data diodes from genua play a decisive role in the comprehensive protection of networked control systems. High-security, one-way data communication at sensitive interfaces enables the transfer of information to a maintenance service without the system being exposed to cyber risks. The company is thus not at risk of needing to deal with downtime or damages in production.

Data Diode cyber-diode

Minimize the risks associated with the digital networking of highly critical control systems with the cyber-diode from genua. This solution monitors network connections and only allows one-way data transfer – information flow in the opposite direction is completely blocked. Once protected by our data diode, plants, machinery and IT systems can send data over public networks without risking their integrity.

Data Diode cyber-diode

 High-Security Industrial Monitoring of Plants, Machinery and Critical Infrastructure

Plants and machinery are increasingly connected to the Internet due to the compelling advantages: operational and sensor data from machines and plants is constantly available and can be centrally monitored. This allows you to, e.g., perform predictive maintenance: you can respond to small changes and carry out the necessary maintenance before damages or even breakdowns occur.

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