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Cyber 2.0 is a first of kind unified cyber security technology that packs in the combined power of Zero Trust, Network Access Control, Network Obscurement, EDR/XDR functionalities & SOC/forensic capabilities and offers holistic protection and prevention in its true sense for enterprise networks. As against the traditional security solutions that are based on biological models that are in some way vulnerable, Cyber 2.0’s 9 unique patents are conceived on the Mathematical Chaos Model that form the core of the solution. 

Cyber 2.0 Integrated AV/EDR/XDR/MTD


Cyber 2.0 works is an integrated solution that acts as a Reverse EDR with Xtended detection and prevention capabilities with built-in default features of a Next-Gen AV.

The Cyber 2.0 system defines and marks, in the initial stage, only the software that is allowed to route around the network and make use of network resources (about 100 out of thousands of software available on the organization’s computers)

Software that was not defined as allowed to route around the network (including any new and unknown software, whether it is malicious or not, including any new virus) will be blocked by the Cyber 2.0 system.

The Cyber 2.0 system monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic from the protected components. This allows Cyber 2.0 to protect even against Zero Day attacks as the REVERSE TRACKING MECHANISM tracks the chain all the way back and blocks even the legitimate application from going out of the network.

Cyber 2.0’s Reverse Tracking Mechanism

Cyber 2.0’s Reverse Tracking Patent allows the system to check every process that comes up on the computer and ascertain by MD5, size, and SHA, whether the file is authentic and is approved to route around the network. The information is saved in the form of flow instead of individual packets enabling efficient and rapid reading of the information.

The system monitors all active software and all active processes on the monitored computers. The knowledge stored by the system allows it to make an inventory of all the software and processes that exist. The system displays every software and version of the software according to the computer on which they are installed.

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