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AhnLab Xcanner - Bedrock Distribution

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Ahnlab Xcanner

Malware Detection & Remediation For Fixed Function Systems-AhnLab Xcanner

AhnLab Xcanner is a manual, scan-based malware detection and remediation program that detects and deletes malware in fixed function systems, where application of normal security solutions are difficult. AhnLab Xcanner enables users to set scan and repair options according to each operating environment and provides minimal clashes with pre-installed security agents

AhnLab Xcanner

AhnLab Xcanner enables system administrators and users to adequately handle infected systems and is not a complete anti-malware alternative. AhnLab Xcanner can be used on its own. However, it provides enhanced protection when integrated with AhnLab EPS.

Manual, Scan-based Detection and Remediation

 Minimizes the clash of programs with pre-installed security agents

  •  Scans all systems before installing security agent for early prevention
  •   Responds to non-PE malware
  •   Provides manual remediation option for compromised systems


Various Operational Settings       

  •  Supports various scan and remediation options for each environment
  • Supports user-defined scan for reduced scan time
  • Allows exception settings for targets that require no scan (folder, file, and extension)
  • Provides features for environments where kernel driver cannot be operated


User Friendly and Easy to Manage Offers manual remediation options after scan

  • Provides quarantine feature for infected key program in case of deletion and false positives
  • Records events and detection logs by period, looks up search keyword, and saves files
  • Detects and remediates in Lock Mode (when integrated with AhnLab EPS)
  • Looks up integrated Xcanner event logs and detection logs from AhnLab EPS server (when integrated with AhnLab EPS)
  • Downloads AhnLab Xcanner with the latest engine daily (when integrated with AhnLab EPS)
  • AhnLab Xcanner enables users to set scan and repair options according to each operating environment and provides minimal clashes with pre-installed security agents.
  • Due to its user-friendly interface, on-site workers and facility managers with zero security knowledge can also easily respond to malware

AhnLab Xcanner against cyberattacks

AhnLab Xcanner is a malware detection and remediation program for KIOSKS and ATMs, keeping in mind their outdated operating systems. It allows users to manually set scan and repair options and has a user-friendly interface that can be operated by anyone.

Made with respect to the various problems faced by fixed-function systems, such as delayed engine updates and remediation with security programs built for the PC environment, AhnLab Xcanner works as a solution to these problems by detecting and erasing malware in fixed-function systems. 

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