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AhnLab TrusGuard DPX - Bedrock Distribution

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Ahnlab Trus Guard DPX

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX-Optimum choice for large-scale, hybrid and advanced DDoS attacks

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX is designed to defeat today’s highly complex and sophisticated DDoS attacks with an intelligent defense strategy. It ensures business continuity and resource availability with an all-inclusive security layer that not only detects today’s more complex attacks, but also mitigates their effects.AhnLab TrusGuard DPX provides all-inclusive features to block these complex attacks, regardless of techniques or methods.

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX is the most powerful protection solution for Anti-DDoS.

Optimum choice for large-scale, hybrid and advanced DDoS attacks

Multi-Layered Mitigation Filtering

  • AhnLab TrusGuard DPX employs following multi-layered mitigation filters to stop highly complex attacks: Untrusted traffic block, Ant-spoofing protection, HTTP access authentication, Unauthorized IP block, Threshold-based protection and Signature-based protection.


Flexible Deployment – Inline & Out-of-Path

  • AhnLab TrusGuard DPX can be deployed inline on a network or as part of an out-of-path topology. By allowing traffic bypasses, TrusGuard DPX provides a safe level of fault tolerance and continues to route traffic, even in the event of a system failure. In addition, TrusGuard DPX ensures fault tolerance and operational stability without affecting the traffic flow when located outside of the network path

Maintains Business Continuity

  • By preventing business disruptions, AhnLab TrusGuard DPX reduces the risk of lost sales, inconvenienced customers, or damaged reputations.


Reduces Human Resource Costs

  • With its multi-layered mitigation filters and autonomous learning capability, AhnLab TrusGuard DPX can reduce the need for hands-on monitoring and changes to configuration settings that are required by typical DDoS mitigation solution.


Monitors 24/7

  • AhnLab TrusGuard DPX shows the status of traffic and filters on the network, including system resource usage and network port connections. It can be accessed from mobile devices, which provides unparalleled visibility of network security.


Minimizes Aftershocks

  • As soon as new attack patterns or methods are detected, AhnLab TrusGuard DPX responds promptly, which minimizes the time and effort required to deal with aftershocks of the incident.




AhnLab TrusGuard DPX against cyberattacks

DDoS cyberattacks attempt to overwhelm the servers or a network of an organization by bombarding them with large amounts of traffic. These attacks occur on a large scale and are done either for ransom or as a distraction while carrying out a different cybercrime.

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX provides networks with optimum security by providing immediate responses against DDoS attacks on a macro level. They protect networks and endpoints from traffic overload, application failures, security holes, data leakage, suspicious IP addresses, and performance overload.

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