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Ahnlab EPS

AhnLab EPS-Optimized Protection for Fixed Function Systems​

Advanced cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructures and organizations of high-value have increased over the past several years. AhnLab EPS provides the control and management tools you need to protect your critical infrastructures from malicious threats.

AhnLab EPS

AhnLab EPS provides stable operation and optimized security for various environments. Through its advanced whitelisting technology, AhnLab EPS delivers cost-effective protection while also ensuring business continuity with simple and easy management.

Optimized for Fixed Function Systems​

  • Provides effective malware scan while minimizing the use of system resources
  •  Minimizes the impact on the system with a lightweight agent
  •  Ensures productivity and system availability for critical infrastructures, including systems operating offline


Supports various OS environments

  •  Integrates with AhnLab MDS for enhanced monitoring and response against threats, such as malicious traffic  and files, within the network


 3 Level Lock Modes​

  •  Enables effective security operation with 3-Level Lock Modes
  •  Unlock Mode: Initial status of the system allowing system change and policy update
  •  Lock Test Mode: Simulation for expected results is possible with configured settings or security policies to reduce unexpected errors commonly found in untested deployments
  • Lock Mode: Prevents any system changes except predefined exceptions


Comprehensive Application, Media, and Network Control​

  •    Enables Application Control to allow execution of authorized applications only
  •     Disables AutoRun of portable devices to prevent malware infiltration
  •     Blocks network connection via unauthorized IP/Port

Simple, Easy Operation and Management

  • Allows simple administration and implementation
  • Provides application control based on intelligent whitelisting technology
  •  Enables easy management by only allowing authorized applications to be executed
  •  Ensures operational continuity with minimal use of system resources with a lightweight


Ensures Productivity and Business Continuity

  • Prevents malware-induced security breaches
  • Provides system stability without requiring signature or patch updates

 Minimizes the use of system resources with a lightweight agent, thus providing optimized protection for fixed function systems

Cost Efficient

  • Reduces system and data restoration costs by preventing malware damages
  • Reduces time and costs required for system security and maintenance


AhnLab EPS is provided in both Server-Client Type (Managed Type) and Standalone Type for various environments.

Ahnlab EPS Management Solution

AhnLab ICM is a centralized security monitoring and management solution that simplifies the management of multiple AhnLab EPS servers by centralizing the data received from each server.AhnLab ICM collects and visualizes the data received from multiple

AhnLab EPS servers, enabling users to quickly identify and respond to security issues found in devices connected to multiple servers. AhnLab ICM allows businesses to efficiently monitor multiple systems through an intuitive user interface. The centralized management solution also provides businesses with reporting and notification services to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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